Everyone wants their yard to be beautiful and privacy is also important. For many homeowners, ensuring privacy means investing in a privacy fence. While there are several choices available, a vinyl privacy fence in Tampa, FL, may be your best option. It’s important for you to know what options you have at your disposal when considering privacy and appearance.

Solid Vinyl Fence with Lattice

There are a lot of ways to construct and design a vinyl fence, but a solid fence with lattice gives you privacy and character. You'll have to check local codes to learn about any restrictions on height, but a contiguous row of vinyl panels with lattice lining the top should offer you considerable protection against any unwanted invasions of privacy.


If you don't like a feeling of full enclosure, you can always choose a semi-privacy fence instead. The gap is usually arranged as a 2:1 ratio, meaning that the opening is half the size of the panel. This might allow you to catch a glimpse of the world around you, while still creating an adequate barrier for privacy. Unless someone is standing a couple feet away and looking directly through the gap, they won't be able to see much of your yard. A semi-privacy is generally a nice compromise, to get the desired isolation with a little more openness.

Solid Vinyl Fence with Aluminum Top Rail

When considering unique looks and privacy, another option to explore is a solid vinyl fence with an aluminum top rail. This type of fence ensures privacy for your yard while enhancing the appearance of your home. There are many ways to work with wholesale vinyl fences in Tampa, FL. You simply have to find what works best for you while working with the professionals at Fence Outlet!