Having the right fence around your yard can make the difference between enjoying your yard and spending little time outside. Some fences provide privacy, others provide style, and still others provide a sense of space. With the types of materials out there and the different designs available, you have an exciting decision to make. While looking at aluminum fence gates in Orlando, FL, could have you leaning toward aluminum fencing, there are other great reasons to invest in aluminum.

Low Cost, Decorative Models

Aluminum is lightweight and can be designed to look like wrought iron or steel. Aluminum is less expensive than those 2 metals, and because it weighs less by about 33 percent.

Good on Hills

If your landscape has any slope to it at all, you need a "rackable" material. As such, aluminum is a great solution to ensuring that your fence can handle the contours of your yard and keep things out because it can follow the contours and eliminate gaps between the fence and the ground.

Better Security

Aside from the better coverage at the ground level, aluminum is more difficult to get through than a chain link fence and harder to climb. Chain link fences can simply be cut with wire cutters, aluminum doesn't provide a place for wire cutters to work. Aluminum doesn't have natural hand and foot holds if the fence style is smooth, like a chain link fence might. Both of these qualities make for a more secure fencing solution.

No Rust

Aluminum doesn't rust. In fact, aluminum is less resistant to corrosion than many other fencing materials. Because aluminum doesn't react with moisture as much as steel, you never have to deal with rust.

Easy to Care for

You never need to repaint an aluminum fence. Just be sure to keep it clear of debris like leaves, and the fence will stand for years. Solutions appropriate for aluminum fences can be as simple as soap and water. If you have small areas of the fence that need extra cleaning, car soap can be used. However, if it’s been awhile since the last cleaning, or large portions of the fence are especially dirty, it’s easy to contact Fence Outlet for additional questions. A soft sponge works great but steel wool, abrasive agents, or anything that contains harsh chemicals should not be used for cleaning on any fencing.

Environmentally Friendlier

Aluminum is recyclable. If your fence is mostly recycled material, you've already done a service to the environment. When it's time to get a new fence, recycle the old aluminum. Additionally, aluminum doesn't need to be painted, which reduces your use of chemicals that could harm the environment.

Get Some Color

Aluminum's versatility extends from its ability to be placed in your yard. It can be installed with a variety of colors and styles. Black is the most popular, but there are more colors available. That means you can match the fence to your home in an aesthetically pleasing way. Of course, many people choose an aluminum fence in Orlando, FL. Some truly impressive and functional gates can be made to give your yard a more appealing and original look with the help from the professionals at Fence Outlet!