The hot weather is coming to an end and Florida fall is setting in. While you’re probably looking forward to the many months of minimal yard work, this is one of the best times to consider installing a fence. From dark wood to light stains, there are many reasons that now is the best time to call wood fence companies in Orlando, FL.

Less Time

During the summer months, fencing crews are much busier than during other times of the year. Because the demand is higher, fencing companies find their schedules pushed out more. It could take you weeks or months to have a fencing crew arrive to measure, pour fence posts, and install the actual fence. By waiting until the fall months, you reduce the amount of time it will take to install your fence. Plus, if special permits are needed to install your fence, it will take less time to acquire them due to the reduced workload of the permit staff during the off-season.

Fewer Problems

Installing a fence could cause a disruption to the growth of your foliage. If you have grass, bushes, flowers, or trees that are growing along your future fence line, it’s important to time the install properly. The fall months provide the best time for an install because many of your plants are dormant. Because of this, it’s much easier to install the necessary posts without causing long-term damage to the other areas of your yard.

Better Spring

Imagine being able to enjoy your newly fenced yard during the beautiful Florida Winter. If you choose to have a fence installed during the fall months, there’s no need to wait for fencing companies to fit you in during their busy summer schedules. Instead, you can sit outside as soon as the warm weather hits, soaking up every ray of that sweet sunshine.

Don’t write off the fall months as a time free from yard work. Instead, capitalize on this time of year. If you’ve been contemplating having a fence installed, now is the best time to do it. A beautiful cypress wood fence in Orlando, FL, is exactly what you need to enjoy your yard to its fullest, so contact Fence Outlet for more info!