Living in Florida means you enjoy beautiful weather year-round and spend a lot of time in your yard. One way you can get even more enjoyment from both your home and your yard is to install an aluminum fence. This provides safety for you and your visitors. Plus, if you have a pool or a spa, fencing is mandatory by law in Florida. An aluminum fence is one of the most attractive and durable choices in fencing and maintenance is important. Learn more about what to do to properly maintain your aluminum fence.

Keep Dirt to a Minimum

Your aluminum fence won’t be susceptible to weather or insect damage. In general, aluminum fencing lasts longer and requires less maintenance than other materials. One thing that can affect aluminum is dirt. Dirt by itself isn’t the issue, it’s what comes along with it that can contribute to wear and tear on your fence. Dirt is can be mixed with yard chemicals, which can contribute to oxidization. Make sure to check your fence periodically.

Take out the Garden Hose

Since they don’t require painting, aluminum fences are easy to clean. Your kids might not agree, but cleaning an aluminum fence is so easy, a kid can do it, and without too much supervision. Cleaning is as simple as grabbing some car soap and turning on the hose.

Use Simple Cleaning Solutions

As mentioned, solutions appropriate for aluminum fences can be as simple as soap and water. If you have small areas of the fence that need extra cleaning, car soap can be used. However, if it’s been awhile since the last cleaning, or large portions of the fence are especially dirty, it’s easy to contact Fence Outlet for additional questions. A soft sponge works great but steel wool, abrasive agents, or anything that contains harsh chemicals should not be used for cleaning on any fencing.

Don’t Forget the Gate!

Keeping the fence clean is important but don’t forget to check the gate. The gate should be adjusted once-a-year and the gate hinges need to be oiled. Pay attention to the weather. If it’s windy, make sure the gate isn’t left free to swing in the wind to reduce damage risk. If you’re unsure of how to perform these maintenance tasks, call your specialists in aluminum fencing at Fence Outlet, to come out and show you what to do.