Vinyl fences are known for their attractiveness, versatility, and durability. Properly maintained, they can provide years of reliable protection. However, if you have vinyl fencing in Orlando, FL, there are some things you'll have to do to keep it in tip top shape.

Vinyl Fences Are Nearly Maintenance Free

One of the reasons vinyl fences are so popular is because they require practically no maintenance to keep them standing. As opposed to wood, and some kinds of metal, you won't have to treat your fence to protect it from either rot or rust. However, if you want it to look sharp, you will have to clean it. Fortunately, this doesn't require much work.

Rinse It Off

Due to the non-porous quality of vinyl, to keep it free from dust, small particles, and spider webs, you just need to spray it down once in a while. When you're gardening or watering your lawn, take a couple of minutes to hose down your fence. Rinsing off your fence every couple of months will keep it looking fresh.

Try a Rust Inhibitor

For a more thorough cleaning that'll get rid of some those tough spots, you can use a rust inhibitor and a sponge. Apply the rust inhibitor directly to the problem area, then gently dab. If the stain persists, a soft brush should do the trick. We recommend using Sno Bol which can be purchased at Walmart for $3.00.

Other Types of Cleansers

If you're cursed with a stain that is particularly hard to get rid of, there are other types of cleansers you can experiment with. One particularly effective product is The Magic Eraser. Designed like a sponge, The Magic Eraser doesn't require any additional cleanser or a cloth. You just apply to the affected area, but avoid using a stiff brush, as that could scratch your vinyl fence.

Pressure Wash

If you've just moved into a property with an older vinyl fence, or you've neglected your own fence for some years, you may have to consider using a power washer. Pressure washing the fence will be more effective than a regular garden hose at removing stains and debris, but won't scratch the vinyl the way heavy scrubbing might.

Mildew Stains

Though not common, mildew can be an issue in Florida. While there are chemicals you can use to get rid of the mildew, it's recommended to use as mild a formula as possible - or mixing your own at home - to prevent any unwanted damage to the vinyl.

Rest assured that when you're researching wholesale vinyl fences in Orlando, FL, maintenance will be at a minimum. While there are cleaning options should you encounter a tough stain, for the most part, periodically hosing your fence down is all the maintenance you'll ever need.