It’s no secret that weather can be an enemy of outdoor structures, including fencing. From harsh sunlight to high winds and rainstorms, there are plenty of weather conditions that have the potential to damage fences, especially in Florida. The quality of your fencing material can determine how often repairs or replacements are necessary. If you’re in the market for a new fence and comparing PVC fencing with wood fencing in Tampa, FL, here are some things you should know.

Which Is Better?

Typically, wood fences tend to run into issues due to poor installation techniques, subpar materials, and lack of maintenance. Often, homeowners cite fading as a reason they believe their wood fencing needs a replacement. The truth is that wood fencing in Tampa, FL, fades over time because of the harsh Florida sunshine. However, that doesn’t mean that the fence isn’t performing well. Regular maintenance that includes fence staining helps keep the fence looking nice and strengthens the wood. However, if fading is something that concerns you and you want a low-maintenance option, PVC vinyl fencing is a better choice for you.

Rain Protection

Florida certainly sees its fair share of rain, especially in the hot, humid summer months when those afternoon thunderstorms roll through. Water isn’t always a friend to wood fencing. Wood fence companies in Tampa, FL, advise their customers to make sure to regularly seal their fence to protect against water rot. Again, this is a maintenance issue. If you prefer the look of wood fencing, you need to commit to regular maintenance to prevent premature rotting. Homeowners who aren’t keen on yearly staining and sealing, whether doing it themselves or paying someone, will be happier with a PVC vinyl fence.

Wood fencing is beautiful and adds a rustic look to one’s property. Therefore, if you decide to install a wood fence, contact a company that has experience installing wood fences in Tampa, FL. Contact Fence Outlet for expertise to help you choose the best wood product for the environment, your home, and your budget.