Fences serve a function. They define where your property begins and ends, while providing some privacy, and keeping dogs and children from roaming the neighborhood. That doesn't mean, however, that they can't be attractive. There are a number of things you can do to get the most out of your vinyl privacy fence. Tampa, FL, has countless hobby and supply shops where you can find creative ways to upgrade your yard with one of these fun ideas.

Bird Houses

Why not share your yard with some winged friends by decorating your fence with bird houses? Hanging bird boxes from hooks screwed into your fence, or installing them along the top of your fence, is a playful way to adorn your yard with folk art while attracting some pleasant wildlife to your home. Birds could always use some feed, and you could use the entertainment, so putting bird houses on your fence kills two birds with one stone - if you'll pardon the expression.

Try a Mural

Instead of leaving that fence blank, consider decorating it with a lovely work of art. If you're an artist yourself, a fence is a wonderful canvas for you to stretch out creatively. If painting isn't your thing, you probably know a friend or family member who's a skilled painter. Having someone make their mark on your fence with an attractive or thought-provoking mural is a great way to add distinction to your home.


There's no reason your garden has to end at the fence. Increase the greenery in your yard by installing planters along the face of your fence. Hanging planters, or installing them vertically via a ladder design, brings life to what could otherwise just be a blank space. Before making any physical changes to your fence, make sure to contact your fence manufacturer to see if it affects your warranty. Adorn your fence with flowers you find attractive, or use the planters as a unique, vertical herb garden. Either way, planters are a welcome solution to filling out your yard with some color.

Light It Up

Consider draping your fence in fairy lights. Strings of lights resting over the top of the fence, or strung up and down vertically, are excellent at providing a soft, warm glow to your yard. Far preferable to flood lamps, fairy lights invite you to relax with friends over a glass of wine. Strings of lights are a civilized solution the problem of a blank space, as are solar-powered caps that charge during the day and light up at night to add a classy look to your fence.

Hanging Art

Think of your fence the way you would your home, and fill the blank spaces with works of art. You'll want them to be weather-proof, so look for metal works of art, or decorative plates. These are the kinds of things that, as they age, grown in character, and only become more attractive.

Fixing up your yard doesn't end with your fence. Once you get creative and start searching for vinyl fence supplies in Tampa, FL, there's no telling what you'll come up with.