You've decided that you'd like to install a fence around your property. But you're not sure where to start, what your options are or even what style fence is right for you.

Don't worry! Although the process of choosing the perfect fence can seem daunting, there are a few things you can do to simplify the matter and to make sure you end up with a fence that's just right for you.

Why Do You Want a Fence?

One of the first things to consider when you're choosing a fence is why you're adding a fence to your property. Do you want to create a barrier around your yard and house, so that nosy neighbors and curious passersby can't see what you're up to? Are you looking to add an attractive detail to your property's exterior? Perhaps you want a fence because you need to create a secure, safe place for your children or pets to play.

Your reasons for wanting a fence will influence what style and materials are best for you. For example, a wood fence or vinyl fence in Orlando, Fl. can be a good choice if you want to increase privacy. Aluminum fences tend to look attractive and can increase your home's style and flair.

Know Your Materials

The fencing material doesn't only determine its appearance and whether it makes a good privacy fence. Each type of fencing material also has different care instructions. For example, you might need to seal or stain a wooden fence to prevent rot. Vinyl fences are durable and weather resistant and usually, don't require much in the way of care or attention.

Consider Height

How tall would you like your fence to be? If you want the fence for privacy reasons, you're most likely better off choosing a taller option, such as a six-foot fence, rather than a shorter one, such as a four-foot fence. The height of the fence will also influence the materials you choose.

For example, most aluminum fences come in either four-foot or five-foot heights while vinyl fences are available at either four-foot or six-foot heights.

Make Sure Your Fence Follows the Rules

Depending on where you live, there might be rules and regulations regarding fencing. Some developments and homeowner's associations have tough rules governing the type of fence you can install or if you can even install a fence at all.

To avoid the wrath of your HOA, it's a good idea to re-read the by-laws or rulebook before you decide on a fence style, material and height. Once you're sure that your fence is in the clear, you can proceed as planned.