New homes and gated communities offer plenty of perks to homeowners. The fencing around the community creates a sense of safety and security—only people who have a legitimate reason to be in the confines of the community can get it. There's also a sense of increased privacy in a gated community, as the fence prevents curious passersby’s from seeing too much of what's going on, on the other side.

The type of fence that's best for your community depends on your needs and how you want the fencing to look. Here are a few fence options that are perfect for new home subdivisions and gated communities in Orlando, Fl.

Aluminum Fences

Decorative aluminum fencing around a community can enhance the security of the area while also enhancing the beauty of the area. Aluminum fences in Orlando, Fl are available in a wide range of styles. The balusters can feature decorative scrollwork or be cut in a way that resembles a wrought iron fence. Aluminum fences with a more minimalist, simple design are also available.

Aluminum is a fairly durable type of metal and fences made from it are able to withstand high levels of humidity and won't rust, even if they are left unpainted. You also have your choice of several different heights if you decide to use an aluminum fence.

It's worth pointing out that although aluminum fences are ideal for creating a barrier around a community, they do have spaces between the posts and aren't ideal as a privacy fence. If you are looking to create a sense of privacy around your community, other fencing options might be a better pick

Steel Fences

Steel fences have a lot in common with aluminum fences. Steel can resist humidity and is low-maintenance. Steel is also a very strong metal that can resist force and pressure.

Steel fences also come in a range of styles and can enhance the aesthetic appeal of a community. Steel needs annual maintenance in the Florida weather to prevent rusting. Aluminum will not rust which is why it’s sold more often in Florida.

Vinyl Fences

A vinyl fence can be a good choice for gated communities in Orlando, Fl. that want to keep curious eyes from peeking in. Vinyl fencing is also a good option for property developers who want to set up a barrier between subdivisions and who want to set up a barrier between new homes in a subdivision.

Vinyl fences come in a few different styles. The classic white picket fence style can add a certain traditional charm when used around new homes in a subdivision.

Meanwhile, privacy vinyl fences are ideal for developers who want to create shields between the properties in a subdivision. Another benefit of using privacy fences around new homes is that the fencing can help to improve the home's value, making it more appealing for current and future buyers.

Like aluminum and steel fences, vinyl fences are pretty tough. Fences made from virgin vinyl are fade-resistant and won't be damaged by the sun's UV rays. Vinyl fences are also moisture resistant and can withstand strong winds.

Which fence option is the right one for your gated community or subdivision? The professional at Fence Outlet's commercial division can help you find the fence that's best for your needs. To learn more, contact us for a quote today.