It's the little details that help to make a house a home. The way certain features look can help define your home's overall style and give it some personality. One of those features is the fence you choose for your property.

Although you might look at a fence as something that serves a purely utilitarian role, the truth is, a fence can make your property look fantastic. It can also reflect your overall taste and design preferences.

Whether you're looking for a vinyl fence, aluminum fence or wood fence in Orlando, Fl., here are some tips to help you choose one that reflects who you are.

You're All About a Classic Look

If you're into the classics and want your home to reflect your traditional tastes, you can't go wrong with a white picket fence. Today's picket fences are available in either wood or vinyl, meaning they are even easier to care for than ever before.

You Want Something Stately

If the first word your friends use to describe you is "elegant" or "refined," and your home echoes that style, then you're likely going to want a fence that is as elegant as you are.

In that case, an aluminum fence might be your best bet. Aluminum fences can add a touch of elegance to your property. You can make the fence even more elegant by choosing decorative finials for the tops of the posts, such as fleur-de-lys or an estate scroll.

You're Looking for a Rustic or Natural Look

If you're the person people turn to when they're looking for a natural recipe or some DIY advice, you might want a fence that reflects your commitment to nature or to a rustic design. An unfinished wood fence, which lets the natural beauty of the wood shine through, might be your best pick.

You Like to Mix Things Up

If you're the type of person to get bored with a style or design and if you like to change things up from time to time, then an unfinished wood fence might also be a good choice for you. Here's why: You can paint the wood any color you'd like. Once you get bored with that color, you can cover it up with a coat of primer and try a new one out. You can also paint a mural or other pattern on the fence to make things interesting.

You'd Like Some Privacy, Please

Maybe you're the type of person who likes to keep to themselves and who doesn't want others to see what's going on in your yard. In that case, a privacy fence is going to best meet your needs. Privacy fences come in range of styles. You can choose a wooden fence if you prefer a natural look.

If you want the look of wood but the low maintenance of vinyl, another option is SimTek Ashland. It looks like wood but is made from vinyl. SimTek also makes an EcoStone privacy fence that is made from vinyl but designed to look like a rustic stone fence.

Need more advice and guidance on choosing the fence that reflects who you are and your home's style? The professional fence installers at Fence Outlet are happy to help. Visit one of our seven Florida locations or reach out for a quote today.