Many property owners initially install a fence for safety and security reasons. A new fence, however, can also help increase curb appeal and property value. Guests, neighbors and other outsiders will definitely notice the increase in visual interest surrounding your property, especially when accented with contemporary landscaping.

Rajul Patel, president and founder of Fence Outlet, Central Florida's fencing experts, wants homeowners to make a design plan and consider how a fence and landscaping work in tandem to compliment a home’s exterior. "Fences can provide both functional and aesthetic qualities," said Patel. "When you add a well-planned landscape design, the results can be beautiful."  Following are some tips to consider.

A fence can provide immediate results and can be used in the following ways

  • Screen unsightly views
  • Provide privacy
  • Define the edge of the property
  • Provide a backdrop for water features, statues & art, plants, and other objects in the landscape

Landscape Considerations When Using Fences

  • Incorporate a variety of plant types to accent an attractive fence
  • Consider the color, texture, or material of the fence when accenting with plants
  • Plant appropriate distances from fence for mature plant size
  • When building a new fence think about what materials will complement the existing plantings and structure
  • Use drip irrigation to minimize water damage to the fence
  • Check municipal codes for height and setback requirements
"I believe that homeowners should think about their home's exterior presentation as much as they painstakingly consider their interior furnishings or wall colors," said Patel. "At Fence Outlet, we can help you select the fence materials and colors that will give your home that 'wow' factors."