There are a lot of factors that go into choosing the ideal fence. Do you prefer wood or aluminum? Steel or vinyl fencing? Orlando, FL, has fencing companies who can give you whatever material you deem most appropriate, but once you choose your fence and where to put it, one of the most important considerations is the type of fence gate: single or double? There are a few key factors that go into determining which type of gate is best for your fence. For example, the width of the opening you have for the gate is of importance. Here are a few other factors worth considering.

Swimming Pool Gates

This is a perfect example of the important role the width of the gate plays in determining whether you need a single or double fence gate. With safety being the primary concern, you'll want a narrow entrance to the pool area. Therefore, a single gate that is approximately the same height as the fence is desirable. Also, check local ordinances to make sure you're complying with the law (or your HOA) in choosing your pool fence and gate.


If you have the need for a gate providing walkway access to your front door, that probably means you have a fence that surrounds your property. If this is the case, then security is paramount, so you'll need a single gate. A single gate is easy to lock and harder for intruders to breach. You also might have a fence that crosses a walkway that leads to your backyard. In this instance, either a single or double gate will do. If you plan on using the walkway to drive a car or move heavy equipment through, then a double gate is preferable.


For the most part, gates that cross driveways are double gates. This provides the space necessary for an automobile while being easy to swing open or secure. If you have a driveway that's long enough to enter while the gate opens, position the gates so they swing away from the car and towards the home, so cars won't have to wait in traffic. Another thing to keep in mind is if there is enough space for lawn equipment to be brought in and out of your property through the gated area.


If you're building a gate on a sloping bit of land, it can be difficult choosing the perfect gate. All gates - whether single or double - will need to be perfectly upright to function properly. Once you've chosen the location, the direction in which the gate will open will largely determine whether you install a single or double gate. Opening into a hillside, for example, probably means a single gate, since it will lack the room necessary for a double.

When you're ready to install that stone vinyl fence in Orlando, FL, remember these simple guidelines before selecting either a single or double gate and contact Fence Outlet for more information.