Different fence types will provide different advantages. Whether it's wood, vinyl, chain link, or aluminum, each fence type has its own pluses and minuses. When you're looking at purchasing a new fence, first compare benefits that each fence type provides:

Wooden Fences

Among the best choices for privacy, wooden fences can come in cypress or pressure treated pine. Perhaps the most adaptable type of fencing material, wood can be customized according to tastes by scalloping and doming. In addition to the standard dog eared picket top, Fence Outlet also offers wood fences in Gothic, French Gothic, and straight top picket styles. Wood fences can then be further customized with a combination of different picket and post tops, along with different panel styles to create a unique look.

Chain Link Fences

Inexpensive, easy to install, long lasting, and malleable to uneven terrain, chain link fences are a great choice particularly when security is a primary concern. They are strong and light, provide great flow of air, and the vinyl-coated versions are virtually maintenance-free. If a chain link fence feels too bare, plastic strips can be added to thread through the links to add privacy. Fence Outlet always uses galvanized steel posts to prevent rust and decay.

Vinyl Fences

Today’s vinyl fences are very popular for three reasons: they are affordable, easy to maintain, and can come in a variety of styles (reminiscent of classic wood fences). Fence Outlet’s vinyl fence products are durable and will not rot, peel, rust or turn yellow or brittle (like the old PVC patio furniture of the past).

Ornamental Aluminum

This is a very popular fence product in Florida, as it doesn’t rust and creates the desired "estate look." While pricier than other options, ornamental aluminum offers a decidedly more upscale feel and conveys a sense of history and permanence, and can offer a clear view of a property while simultaneously discouraging unwanted visitors.

"We are happy to work with our customers to help them decide on the fence product and style that meets their needs and budget constraints," said Fence Outlet owner & founder, Rajul Patel. "All we do are fences here, so that is our expertise. Our customers are confident in their decisions and very happy with the final results."